Use cases

JMeter is a great non-functional testing tool. However, on its own, it struggles in two particular areas: automatic analysis of aggregated performance characteristics and integration with CI/CD servers.

Lightning integrates JMeter non-functional tests with your CI/CD server. It analyses results of your JMeter tests and provides your server with unequivocal information allowing it to make autonomous decision whether to pass or fail the build - with no human involvement needed.

Lightning is available as a standalone Java JAR and Maven plugin. You can use the one you prefer. Both versions accept same input and provide the same functionality. Format of the input and output will vary.

Previously available Gradle plugin and AWS Lambda have been discontinued due to low popularity.

Why Lightning

Benefits of using Lightning include:


Raise issues using GitHub issue tracker.


Lightning is released under the MIT license.

Our friends

Lightning project is supported by JetBrains.